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Internationale Gesellschaft der F.X. Mayr Ärzte

Courses in english language

For more than 50 years, the International Society of Mayr Physicians offers courses on F.X. Mayr diagnostics and therapy. Our well experienced course directors dispose of decades of teaching and development experience and guarantee a serious and sound training with all features of an up-to-date scientific preventive and regenerative medicine on the basis of the tried methods of Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr.
The training as a Mayr physician includes 3 courses.

Course A, B and C each last 2 weeks and include first-hand experience in the form of a F.X. Mayr therapy for each course participant. Course C also includes the final exam which is required for obtaining the diploma.
The course sequence must be followed. The training as a physician for modern Mayr medicine can be completed within 2 years in 3 courses with 4 different course directors.
The International Society of Mayr Physician’s training is recognized by the Austrian Medical Association in awarding a diploma. The diploma of the International Society of Mayr Physicians can only be obtained by the attendance of these courses or others that comply with the diploma requirements of the Austrian Medical Association.

Course fees:

Course A, B, C:     members              Euro 1.500,00 (incl. VAT)      
                           non members        Euro 1.752,00 (incl. VAT)

There is an additional charge for accommodation and lodging.
The assignment of course spaces is carried out in the order that you made your deposits and will be confirmed correspondingly. Due to restricted numbers of participants, we recommend early booking, but no later than 4 weeks before the course is due to start.


For cancellations up to 4 weeks before the course starts or in the event that the course is already fully booked, the amount paid will be returned by request or it will be credited to another course. In the event of a later withdrawal, a handling charge of 10% will be charged.

Course A

• Short explanation of the treatment implementation with “bitter water”, diets, rituals,
• What is F.X. Mayr diagnostics and therapy?
• Development of intestinal autointoxication. Effects on the digestive system and other
   regions of the body.
• Diagnostics (overview) (= one morning) in order to lay the basis for achieving a deeper
   understanding in the practical training.
• Diagnosis of all course participants (practical part).
• F.X. Mayr Therapy (overview) (=one morning)
• Tonus, digestive physiology
• Dietetics with individual diet adjustment, valency of foods, food intolerances
• Sleep
• Locomotor system and digestive tract (connection)
• Respiration
• Physiology and psychology of abdominal treatments
• Acid-base balance  
• Crisis
• Diagnostics (detailed)
• Therapy (detailed)
• Matrix (short overview)
• Inpatient and outpatient Mayr medicine  
• Anamnesis (ask the patient about current and previous diseases)
• Psychosomatics in Mayr medicine, physician-patient consultation
• Indications and contra-indications
• Before and after the treatment
• Presentations for patients

Course B

• Extracellular matrix, regulation of cell functions, physiology of fasting, mitochondrial function
• Microbiome and intestinal function, mucosa permeability, leaky gut, microscopic colitis,
• Food intolerances and resulting health issues, silent inflammation
• micronutrients (fundamentals and application)  
• Stress and gut, gut brain axis
• sleep and exercise physiology
• Revision of topics from course A
Course C
• Psychosomatics in Mayr medicine
Emotional disease triggers, nutritional behaviour and weight problems, treatment problems (crisis, partnership and sexuality)
Fatigue and burnout, somatic and psychomental regeneration
Individualization of therapy principles, among others, for children
Coaching for the therapeutic dialog and for presentations for patients
• Foundations of classical Mayr medicine

Pathogenesis - humoral pathology – „The face“
Cardiovascular system, respiration and abdomen

• Intensive dietetic training

 MAD in the event of lactose, fructose and histamine intolerance, low carb and gluten free diet
Combination F.X. Mayr, Five Element theory, TCM and ayurvedic nutritional principles for everyday life

Practical training: Modern Mayr diet food

Course C Colloquium

• List of questions

The list of questions is practiced during Course C according to the random principle. The participants receive the list at the end of course B.
• Presentation of 2 topics for the revision of the major subjects of the training

The 2 topics will be announced at the registration by the secretary’s office. Presentation with PPT if possible.
Case presentations:

2 cases (see pattern for case presentations shown below) must be brought in order to carry out a presentation).
• Practical training with reciprocal doctor-patient-training
Status, anamnesis, therapy plan: Recommendation of the diet level in consideration of eventual individual intolerances, manual abdomen treatment with therapy controls, final examination, information about the final part of the diet, possibly continuation of the substitutions, synthetic report on the progress and success of therapies for the group by the end of the course.

Dates 2018

A-Course (english)           8. - 21. 4. 2018 Puch, Salzburg
B-Course (german)           10. - 22. 6. 2018 Gröbming, Steiermark
C-Course (english)           17. - 28. 9. 2018 Puch, Salzburg
C-Course (german)           14. - 26. 10. 2018 Puch, Salzburg
B-Course (english)            4. - 17. 11. 2018  Puch, Salzburg
A-Course (german)           25.11. – 07. 12. 2018 Puch, Salzburg

For further information contact our Homepage under  or our office from Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 12:00 under +43 (0) 664 922 82 94.



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